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Results in an hour
with Topaasia®

Make your meetings and workshops more effective, participatory and action-oriented.

But don’t believe us, believe our customers.

Over 200 organization play with Topaasia:

Digital Topaasia

Digital Topaasia helps you to lead a structured, participatory and exciting remote meeting in an hour. The end results of the session are concrete action steps to improve the subject.

Recommends Digital Topaasia
Benefit compared to time used
Application’s easy of use
Willingness to participate in the future

Topaasia® -- Card games

Different kind of Topaasia -- card games help teams to have productive dialogue in an hour with easy, structured and gamified tool. End result of session is an concrete action plan for improving the discussed subject.

Different Topaasia® -- card games
Games shipped

Playing helps to identify risks, opportunities and each other’s strengths effectively. Subjects identified in game sessions can be taken into action quickly.

Johanna Pystynen, human resources director, Vincit ltd

Topaasia reveals the unknown pain points through playing and discussion. The game leaves you with better experience and end-result than any consultant meeting.

Markus Nieminen,

Unprecedented time/benefit-ratio on team development’s viewpoint. The game helps to quickly pinpoint the most essential challenges regarding team’s functioning and to make an action plan.

Tiina Lindroos, human resources director, Finnchat Oy

The investment of a few hundred will pay off ten times when you realize after half an hour to shift focus to the right things.

Johannes Karjula, CEO, Trustmary inc

Topaasia games are the best way I’ve seen to achieve a high-quality, goal-oriented conversation session without an external facilitator.

Juho Toivola, Manager of strategic resourcing, Elisa Oyj

Playing is an inspiring way to find tangible development subjects and to create a common language for developing customer experience.

Heikki Ilvessalo, development director, Castren & Snellman Oy

Excellent way to have dialogue. I would recommend to everyone who wants to get people talking to each and bring their thoughts forward.

Santtu Seppänen, Sales executive, Trustmary Finland Oy


Briefly about Topaasia

  • Digital Topaasia doesn’t require deployment training or installing any programs.

  • Topaasia -- session is always about real life, not simulations and results are always common understanding about reality and concrete action steps.

  • Use in team meetings, workshops, monthly meetings, project meetings, retrospectives, agile meetings, change situations, and development discussions. 

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