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Gamified & scalable dialogue

Topaasia is gamified facilitation platform for participatory discussions to develop teams and organization’s important themes easily and effectively.

For what?

Topaasia Basic – gamified facilitation platform for effective and fun dialogue sessions

  • A participatory way to discuss where everyone is seen and heard. The session leads to a concrete action plan and shared understanding.

  • A versatile tool for team leads, leaders, coaches & facilitators.

  • Have quick 30 min sessions or longer 60-90 min sessions. Topaasia works remotely, hybrid or at location.

  • Use for:
    -Team & work community development
    -Leadership, business development & change situations
    -Projects & product development
    -Sales & marketing improvement
    -Continuous development

Topaasia PRO:
Implement strategy and communications in scale throughout organization

Topaasia is an easy way to generate and scale great dialogue about the most important strategic topics. All in-house.

Gamified facilitation platform for effective dialogues about strategically important topics. Make your own games and facilitation templates and share them to your game leaders who play with their teams across organization.

Get qualitative insights as never seen before: what teams deem important concerning strategy and what kind of actions they decide to do

Playing helps to effectively identify risks, opportunities, and strengths. Things identified through gaming can be put into practice quickly.

Johanna Pystynen, HR-director, Vincit Plc

Topaasia reveals unknown pain points through playing and the resulting conversation. Playing was a better experience and results were better than in any of the consulting meetings.

Markus Nieminen

Unprecedented time/benefit ratio from the perspective of team development. Helps quickly to locate challenges relevant to team operations and create an action plan.

Tiina Lindroos, HR-director, Finnchat Ltd

The investment of a few hundred pays for itself tenfold when you realize after half an hour of playing to shift the focus to the right things.

Johannes Karjula, CEO, Trustmary Finland ltd

Topaasia games are the best way I’ve seen to conduct a quality and goal-oriented discussion session without an external facilitator. The game quickly directs the conversation to the right themes.

Juho Toivola

Topaasia allows people to sense each other in a situation where everyday desires, expectations and demands are not dominant.

Esa Saarinen, philosopher

Topaasia includes +30 ready made game decks:


Topaasia®-games are made in co-operation with top experts of their fields


Topaasia®-games are made in co-operation with top experts of their fields

Benefits of using Topaasia

  • Inclusive – everyone is seen and heard

  • Structured – helps to keep on subject and time

  • Leads to concrete things – session ends with an action plan

  • Improves mutual understanding – cards help to bring up even difficult subjects

  • Easy way to productive group discussions  – no extensive preparations needed and automated summaries

  • Fun and versatile way to facilitate discussions that get to the point effectively

Physical Topaasia® – card games

Topaasia card decks help you have effective dialogue in an hour. The end result of the session is the creation of a concrete action plan to improve the topic addressed.

Customer experiences of playing physical Topaasia cards
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