New in Topaasia:

Gamified development discussions and individual coaching

For leaders who want a coaching approach, structure and depth and concrete decisions to their 1-to-1 development discussions.

The benefits of a gamified development discussion

Effortless in-depth development discussions

The game helps and guides employees to articulate and express their views, and to think in a variety of ways.

A quick way to get to the heart of matter

There is often an intensive period of time set aside for development discussions. The game takes up to 30 minutes to go from ideas to reflected views to concrete development actions.

Helps keep the focus on the person and leads to concrete development actions

Development discussions often get bogged down in the pressing challenges of the day, which may not address the person’s real development needs. The structure of the game helps to keep the conversation in the person for whom the development discussion is being held.

Easy documentation and follow-up of agreed issues

We know that documentation is difficult and things from development discussions often end up in the corner of some excel sheet. That’s why the game automatically documents the issues and decisions and makes it easy to go back to them.

What do others say about Topaasia?

If you really want to go deeper in the development discussions, so that you don’t always talk just about issues, but about causes, consequences and possibilities, I would recommend Topaasia.

Mia Santala, Saranen Consulting

The main benefit of Topaasia is the ability to quickly discuss the right issues in the moment.

Samuli Kiviniemi, Digital development & Cultural lead, Sanoma Media Finland

How to get started

1. Book a demonstration

You’ll get a hands-on experience of how a gamified development discussion works and we’ll open your free trial.

Book a demo

2. Free trial

You can try for free during a 30 day trial. The trial period does not bind you to anything. You don’t need insert your credit card for trial. We’ll guide you to start playing.

3. Start playing

You’re ready to play! Use in development discussions and coaching sessions. You can also use the game for group discussions.

Take your development discussions to the next level and book a calendar time

By booking a demonstration:

  • You will get access to our calendar, where you can choose a time that suits youto which you can also invite your colleagues.

  • You will have a concrete experience of a gamified development discussion.

  • You’ll get the chance to ask questions and try the game for yourself.

  • We will open for you if you wish a free one-month trial, where you can test the game independently with your staff.

Questions and answers

You can! We offer a 30 day free trial. We will show you how you can make the most of the Topaasia trial.

Absolutely! Let’s discuss this when you book a demo or contact our Customer Success Director, Joonas Laine, well get you the games set up for more game managers.

Our pricing is such that the price per game leader goes down the more managers there are in the organisation.
A computer with an internet connection is required for the game leader.

To play, you need a smartphone with an internet connection.

Yes, we’ll help you with your questions and make sure you know how to use Topaasia. And we are always at the end of the phone and email.

You can get started by booking a discussion time in our calendar. After the presentation, we will guide you separately on how to use Topaasia. with 30min training.

Yes. Playing works in in-person, remotely or as a hybrid.

Remotely share audio and video through your preferred software (e.g. Teams, Zoom or Meets)


Easy pricing according to the need for discussion and participation.



per month

1-to-1 development discussions and other individual coaching

Play with unlimited individuals

3 different game decks available

Supported deployment

  • Unlimited use for a single game leader

  • 3 game decks designed for development discussions

  • Supported deployment

  • Support service



per month

Gamified discussions for groups, teams and individuals

Play with unlimited individuals and teams

+40 different game decks available

Supported deployment

  • Everything in a 1-to-1 package

  • +40 game decks designed for group discussions



per month

To facilitate group and individual discussions, as well as to make your own games and analyse the data broadly

Play with unlimited individuals and groups

+40 different game decks available

Make your own games with the game editor

Analyse data from games

  • Everything in the Basic package

  • Game deck editor allows you to create your own game decks to suit your own or your organisation’s needs

  • An advanced analysis tool that allows you to pull together data from game sessions

  • Buy a monthly or annual subscription, either by card or by invoice
  • With a yearly subscription you save -17% (2 months)