Strategic communications & implementation gamified at Granlund

Granlund is a Finnish group of real estate and construction experts that employs more than 1,200 professionals throughout Finland. The entire team of experts played a key role in making the company’s strategy known and in the daily lives of the people of Granlund, as the entire organization was involved in playing Topaasia.

“We have used Topaasia to implement a new strategy for our staff. Our entire organization played three strategy-themed games, the results of which gave us comprehensive reports and analysis. With the help of the games, we were able to ensure that we get all the possible development ideas to be utilized in our organization , ”says Molli Nyman, Granlund’s Director of Marketing and Communications.

The digital solution achieves significant results

For a company that previously relied on more traditional facilitation methods to implement the strategy, playing the strategy turned out to be a success. With the Topaasia Games, up to three large employee-driven development projects were launched in Granlund.

“We built our own game deck in collaboration with Topaasia to take into account all the themes that are relevant to our strategy. We played a total of 272 games, which were followed by a total of 612 proposals for action, which ultimately resulted in 3 Group-wide development projects , ”Molli describes.

Practical games inspire and engage employees

At Granlund, almost all Topaasia games were played remotely and mobile was also utilized. This allowed everyone to participate in the games, regardless of location. The games that concretized the strategy managed to arouse the interest of the employees and encouraged open interaction on the topic.

“The games have definitely encouraged our employees to bring out the internal development needs of the organization. In addition, we have had a good debate on issues that we are already happy with. Topaasia games are easy and do not require participants to prepare. Playing with strategy work has inspired our employees to take part in the discussion, ” says Ilkka Kasari, who works as a group manager.

The understanding of the strategy increased

Practical games brought the voices of staff to the fore as understanding of the Plan G strategy within the organization increased.

“We have been playing games about themes of vision, productivity and customer relationships. In our experience, Topaasia is an excellent tool for guiding the debate and highlighting strategic measures that are specifically close to employees.”Adds Joonas Alakomi, Group Manager.

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