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Join Topaasia Partner – pilot

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What is Partner – pilot?

We’re looking for people who work independently (your title may be a consultant, facilitator, coach or agile coach) and would like to use Topaasia in their customer project(s). In Pilot you get to use Topaasia with full features in your own customer projects for a year.

What is Topaasia?

  • Topaasia is a gamified dialogue method that fosters inclusive and effective dialogue in an hour and it works remotely, hybridly or on-site.

  • Topaasia has catalogue of over 30 games for team & cultural development, leadership & change, projects & product development or sales and marketing suiting many workshop and team discussion needs.

  • You can also make your own game decks and use them for large scale deployment of strategy or cultural change or whatever you think is a good fit for gamified dialogue session.

What you get in Parner Pilot?

  • Topaasia – SaaS service with full PRO-features. Read more about Digital Topaasia.

  • Make your own game decks depending on customer needs and project, or utilize Topaasia catalogue of +30 games.
    Read more about Topaasia decks.

  • Floating game leader licenses that you can share with colleague/customer for individual projects if necessary.

  • 20% lead fee, if your customers like Topaasia and would to acquire it for themselves.

  • Access to test new decks and features.

What we expect from you?

  • Feedback – session once per quarter.

  • If you’re happy with your Topaasia experiences, use-case story would be nice :)


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