Customer story, Maiju Niinivirta, Solteq. “Improving everyday life as a common habit”

Solteq PLC is an IT and software house whose mission is to make tomorrow better by simplifying the digital world. Solteq employs over 550 experts in five different countries. Topaasia® games are played at Solteq in several different teams and now Maiju Niinivirta, Head of Quality Management, tells about her experiences.

What need Topaasia® fulfills?

Personally, I see from the company’s point of view that we can never have enough satisfied customers as well as satisfied team members. It requires systematic methods of development to improve efficiency and maximize value creation in the customer interface.

Topaasia® – games has been a great tool for the facilitation of the development of teams. I think it is important that the team has a “sponsor”, or a manager, who gives her blessing to the development of the actions through the game. This is how the soil for gaming and debate will be fruitful.

How does game-play work in everyday life?

We have played on the ground with the whole team or with those who have come along. There are titles or ranking positions in the game, everyone is equal and I have worked as a facilitator for the team. I think the facilitator outside the team is a good thing.

Personally, I recommend regularity to make your Topaasia® – gaming and everyday improvement a habit. Then we have a place to focus on developing team activities and customer value. In time this has not gone more than an hour, but 60 minutes have been used pretty accurately.

“Learning together from subjects of the game session as well as about each other”

The Main benefits?

I would like to highlight that this has helped to bring the voices of the various members of the team to balance, which has been a real concern for me personally. In facilitated dialogue everyone learns together on the issues that we are discussing as well well as about each other and all the positions are heard.

I would also particularly praise the fact that the game helps to take the focus more and more into the customer. Focus on customer service and the development of operations. Game guides not to resolve everything at once, but one thing at a time in small steps.

“Game session is a safe environment for releasing fumes and throwing wild ideas into the air”

The Best in totality?

Gamefication is very fine and good, but the best thing here is a constructive open discussion and learning. For example, you might have a situation where you discuss the team’s challenges, and the cards on the table have two strong candidates, one of which should be chosen. Then the team justifies their positions: Why do you think this is important? Why should we others vote for this?

This is not just a ‘ good but pointless debate ‘, but a discussion that really leads to results! That is a really important point.

Many team members have expressly praised that “these are wonderful therapy sessions.” The game session is a safe environment for releasing fumes and throwing wild ideas into the air. The open atmosphere creates trust and sometimes helps pointing out the elephants in the room.

Definitely recommended!

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