Topaasia® Customer story: Mika Tanner – Bilot

In what context did you use Topaasia?

We used Topaasia at the annual planning meeting of the management team, where we find methods for business and organizational development. Topaasia served as an intro for the day because I hoped to find lyrics for common leadership themes that would be used as a background for other planning. The themes found were e.g. prioritization, which was seen as both a weakness and an opportunity. That theme was discussed more during the rest of the day.

With this short game exercise, the theme stayed well on the surface and I could argue that without this game we wouldn’t have gotten other things so well off the rest of the day.

What are the benefits of Topaasia?

There is a lot of things and talk coming up in a 7-person meeting, so reducing things and prioritizing is a big advantage. Topaasia streamlines things. And I think the things chosen in the game will get you to the finish line better.

Would you recommend and to whom?

I would recommend! My experience with Topaasia is so far quite short, but I see it as a versatile tool that could be applied to many places. For us, it suited well to a situation where a longer meeting was started because it brought lyrics to other things to do. It certainly works well for team development, as the game kind of externalizes difficult themes with ready-made cards, making them easier to say out loud. Overall, the game structures the thinking of the group well.