Strategy in Grano’s management team with Topaasia

In this customer story, Antti Liukkonen, Grano’s Director of Digitalisation and Development, talks about the experiences and benefits of a strategy session conducted with Topaasia.

What was the starting situation for playing Topaasia?

Grano is on a journey of change. “Uncomplicated work” is one of the most important strategic entities of the company. Here, Grano seeks a change the size of enterprise-level agility.

Grano’s goal is to be the most influential communications producer. The most impressive means that we need to be able to verify to the customer what benefits Grano’s services bring to the customer’s business. The word communication bundles all of Grano’s know-how. And the role of producer means that the customer brings the brand and the message content, and they get the rest from Grano as a service, i.e. Grano delivers the customer’s messages on behalf of the customer.

Grano has the will to do otherwise and we want to bring an experimental culture to management teamwork as well.

What happened in the game?

With a small group, we prepared the game settings in a short meeting before the management team meeting. The topic of the game session took shape A system of uncomplicated work and streamlining of work. We used the Topaasia deck Change leadership. We chose to address the subject from the most frustrating, challenging and inspiring point of view.

Topaasia was a boost for us through a fresh method and super effectiveness in terms of time
– Antti Liukkonen

What are the benefits of Topaasia?

We had a need to make clear to ourselves what includes in “Grano’s uncomplicated work system”. In Topaasia, the common thinking of large entities is brought into human-sized comprehensible things that can be dealt with together.


+ sensitized well to the topic
+ got people out of the “basic job” self
+ created common thinking at the management team level
+ the correct flight altitude was set for the target
+ rhythmed the exchange of opinions through gaming, thus gaining access to the value-adding layer, i.e. “what exactly is being talked about here?”. The abstract matter was dealt with effectively.

Would you recommend?

I unreservedly recommend, once the theme has been chosen and the team tuned in, that is, “what do you want to achieve?”, And definitely to the management teams who want to develop a common dialogue and clarify even large entities.