What do our customers say about Topaasia® games?

I have to recommend 100 % sincerely! Are you part of some team? Are you responsible of the development of the team and it’s people? Is the majority of the meetings spend solving practical fires and there is too little time for fruitful dialogue? Would It be cool if you could, in half an hour, dig the common areas of development, pain points and strengths with a common agreement?

Topaasia games have been developed with passion by Gälliwashere have been made for this very purpose. The content of games of different thematic areas have been created together with top-organizations. The session -build in form of a card game- is also entertaining.

I highly recommend that you get to 2-3 games of important topics (sales, marketing, customer experience, lean…) and start having team meetings or executive team meetings through the game.

The investment of a few hundred will pay off ten times when you realize after half an hour to shift focus to the right things.

Johannes Karjula, Trustmary LTD

We’ve used the games to replace a big part of our old development discussion model. At the beginning of each project, the project team will have a project start – meeting, where the game can be used to review each team member’s own aspirations and concerns about the project. In particular, the game highlights different risks for the project, so we are able to identify the potential threats to wellbeing in advance in the team. We follow the progress of the actions and the risks regularly throughout the project.

The game facilitates the team’s discussion and guides you to talk about how the project works, practices, challenges and successes. Under the guise of the game difficult topics are easier to raise. In addition, each team member gets a fair voice while playing. The feedback has been positive from our employees, and project starter reviews are useful for almost every game.

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Johanna Pystynen, Vincit ltd

On the whole, the key issue was a new and very participatory way of involving all staff in strategy work to reflect on the issues that affect the way in which this industry is doing business in the future. In a fast time we were able to get a wide-ranging overview of the ideas of different people. In my view, the result of what was achieved by the whole group in a short time was very good and helps us to shape the situation further.

Recommended! Playing was a great, inspiring and positive experience. Everyone was thrilled by the experience.

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Heikki Kinnunen, Berggren LTD

I would like to highlight that this has helped to bring the voices of the various members of the team to balance, which has been a real concern for me personally. In facilitated dialogue everyone learns together on the issues that we are discussing as well well as about each other and all the positions are heard. I would also particularly praise the fact that the game helps to take the focus more and more into the customer. Focus on customer service and the development of operations. Game guides not to resolve everything at once, but one thing at a time is a small steps.

Many team members have expressly praised that “these are wonderful therapy classes.” The game session is a safe environment for releasing fumes and throwing wild ideas into the air. The open atmosphere creates trust and sometimes helps pointing out the elephants in the room.

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Maiju Niinivirta, Solteq PLC

The same sparked us to discover how many things we should be developing. It forced us to choose the most important thing, the Topaasia. We quickly found things that hinder and promote it’s realization. And most importantly, we succeeded in defining how we will solve The Topaasia.

We recommend the Topaasia – serious game warmly! We have used it in two different kind of work communities, both of which have quick-decision makers and more reflective people. With the help of the game, we managed to crystallize the most important thing quickly and found a way to solve it. As many of the players in the first game session said, “Absolutely amazing!”

Susanna Paloheimo, Fredman Group ltd

Topaasia games are the best way I’ve seen to achieve a high-quality, goal-oriented conversation session without an external facilitator. The game’s questions and point-of-view cards guide the conversation quickly to the right themes, forcing you to crystallize the essential. I use the game regularly as a tool in my own team as well as with teams I support.

Juho Toivola, Recruitment and human resources manager, Elisa Corporation

Topaasia reveals unknown pain points through gameplay and the resulting conversation. The most important points are raised, and the futile are left behind. Playing was a better experience and had better results than any consultancy meeting.

Markus Nieminen, Dynamo & Son

It is by the way nice to be wrong. It was finally agreed that the Player 2 Jussi Galla will guide us through the Topaasia -game. I did not believe in any of that could yield any results.

And oh brethren, I was wrong. The topic we had in the game session was business development and there were six participants. Confusing how well thought-out playing cards and few rounds of good conversation revealed the core issues.

You should get to know the topic and throw the prejudices in the dustbin, but you should take someone who does not participate in the conversation at any level to lead the game. Just steer the game forward.

The core problems were crystallized in an hour, and there was a shared job to solve them together.

Great feeling.

Mikko Sävilahti, Haltu Oy

We played the game in three groups to seek out the things we need to develop in our operations in order to move forward and lift the common vibe. The game was a good way to have a conversation about different themes and everyone was able to share their mind and influence. It was a bit surprising how the same things in the groups became important and we have made changes to our policies as a result of the game sessions for example: The content and the theme of the sales meetings.

Playing is a great way to participate everyone in conversations and think about things. There was also quite a lot of enthusiasm judging by the high and quick way of speech during the game.

Jarmo Lönnfors, HR4 Group Oy

It’s good that carefully selected topics in your cards keep the level of conversation high in the game. Gaming is an inspiring way to find tangible development subjects and to create a common language for developing customer experience.

Heikki Ilvessalo, Castrén & Snellman Oy

Topaasia games were a surprise to our marketing team in several ways.

We laughed at the instructed time of 60 minutes and we thought that we would have to take more time of course for development discussion. When we had been discussing more than 20 topics, identified the most important ones and created together development measures to eliminate problems, the length of first game session was 58 minutes.

Topaasia games are definitely not the “bullshit department’s seem to be useful games” that result in poor characterization of the company’s state without any concrete trends. The game does not leave room for the avoidance of problematic things. When the cards are played down and shuffled afterwards, the right things go into the conversation, and no one needs to think that “do I dare to raise this issue”. The game is built in such a way that the most important things inevitably rise to discussion.

The best thing about the game experience was that after the game, all team members had a sense of ownership and accountability to solve problems. When the things and actions that are being developed in a team or in a company are decided together, and they are not forced from the top down in the style of old school, the whole team can work towards a smoother way of working.

Topaasia games get an absolute recommendation from Tovari! badge

Joona Kotilainen, Tovari Oy

It is clearly difficult to have a retrospective if it is not placed on the calendar. When it is there,with Topaasia, it waits and leads to questions on the office: “Please say it’s retrospective this week?”

Gamefication of retrospective is an ingenious idea and also works in situations where there is no exact sprint definition. A Traditional retrospective in scrum’s beautiful frame of reference would almost invariably be too cumbersome to implement and it does not exactly inspire to participate. Ignoring the reference framework and raising the issue of joint action and the needs for development will bring the desired results. In retrospective with Topaasia, the team will be able to drive a common interest through a natural conversation and game helps them find ways to make their own work more comfortable. I hope that this awesome tool could be found in every team’s toolbox. Topaasia would also work wonderfully under other frameworks, spanning from very little restaurant’s development day program, to the last retrospective of the West Metro project team.

The whole company’s perception of the retrospective has been changed through Topaasia. Now it’s an event that’s waited and it stays in the calendar.

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Niko Jokinen, City Dev Labs LTD

Topaasia® has helped our team find an answer to the question, “Why do we do what we do?”

Jarno Laasala, Rabbit Films Oy

Topaasia is an excellent way to develop your team’s activities in a busy everyday life. The game method is clearly developed in a customer-oriented way and it helps prioritize things in a very efficient way!

We used Topaasia® in our team days in June and had a wonderful dialogue. The game was easy to use and the content helped to go straight to the point. Every voice was heard and we had an excellent result, from which we were able to draw the future development lines. We will use the games again – Recommended!

Nina Eklund, Head of Corporate Communications, Tieto PLC

We have been using Topaasia with the executive team of learning department and with high school teachers. With the help of the game we started to chart our current strengths and the priorities of the development work. As a tool for such strategic work, the game worked brilliantly. Our community is already very open and conversational, so the use of the game began smoothly. The game-play enabled us to raise a few important strengths and development targets. I use the game in future meetings and training sessions.

Olli Lipponen, Education Director-Rector, Municipality of Rautalampi

Topaasia is like a facilitator without an external facilitator. It will bring about an excellent discussion and -in a short time- the group will choose their most important subject they want to change. I would recommend Topaasia to any group situation where you want to create consensus, prioritize and engage members of the group. It works great instead of presentation slides or old facilitation methods. As there is no need for a separate facilitator, the group’s ownership of the dialogue is also better.

Jarkko Vuorikoski, Head of Customer Journey, Danske Finance LTD

I have used Topaasia games for team coaching and change situations in customer organizations, as well as for team training in Team Academy teams. In the games you quickly get to the right things with all the players in a participatory way. The game creates a frame of reference from where the team should talk and help the team to identify what things need to be dealt with and decided upon. Recommended! In particular, situations where there is a need for constructive discussion of the differences in the objectives and the common direction, are good use of the game.

Ulla Luukas, Head coach, Team Academy

The Topaasia card game has been an inspiring way for both our organization and for our customers to reflect on the customer experience. The game has helped to discuss about activities from the customer’s point of view and to create a common vision of key development targets and solutions. And also, playing is fun!

Sanna Eulenberger, senior marketing Manager, HR4 Group Oy