By playing to the heart of the matter quickly and efficiently -Customer story Johanna Pylvänen, Vincit Plc

Vincit is a software house that implements a variety of web and mobile applications for a variety of industries. Together with Topaasia – team, Vincit has developed two different Topaasia – card games, which are now used by Vincit in various software projects and development projects.

The growth of Vincit has been rapid and at the moment the company employs already over 330 people. Johanna Pystynen, Human resources director of Vincit, carries out a wide range of development projects and examines and develops the company’s management model. The Topaasia Games  were known to Vincit and Johanna through their previous leadership strategy board game experience.

“Our co-operation began when they offered us a strategy board game in the beginning. Our experience of the game was good. It was decided to continue co-operation in our other development projects to which the gamification could be applied, Johanna recalls.

Raising important subjects and talking about them is easier with the game

At the moment, Vincit has two different Topaasia card games, Retrospective And Successful project. Both packs are suitable for project work. Vincit has been involved in creating the contents of both games with Topaasia – team.

– We utilize the games that we have jointly developed. They have also been piloted here for us, Johanna says.

The Retrospective is suitable for various teams of software development projects. A Successful project ,in turn, is a tool for starting and developing projects with teams. Playing has also replaced a large part of our previous development discussion model.

– Games act as a tool for facilitating discussion – especially when it comes to awkward things like risks or people’s own desires for a project. These are issues that rarely arise when people just sit around a table. It’s easier to raise things and talk with the game, Johanna describes.

– Playing helps to effectively identify both risks, opportunities and each others strengths. It is possible to take the issues identified by the Game quickly in to action, Johanna continues.

We can change things that are identified as needing change

One game session lasts about an hour. In relation to the time spent playing, the benefit is big, according to Johanna. Playing helps to identify the things that need to change. A number of problems can be identified in advance, which could have lead to challenges as the customer project progresses.

– These problems can be identified through playing. We have succeeded in identifying the development points in key areas. These development points can be related to, for example, prices, sharing of work, or other project management. We can change things that are identified as needing change, Johanna sums up.

The Collaboration with Topaasia has worked well in Johanna’s opinion. She feels that they are listened to as a customer and that Topaasia strives to find solutions to the customer’s problems and needs.

“We have been happy!” They are eager and creative guys. We have developed a partnership rather than a good buying relationship, says Johanna.

Thanks Johanna and Vincit!

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