Participatory and effective way of creating a strategy
In the Customer story Berggren Ltd, Heikki Kinnunen

Berggren is a full-service IPR-house employing approximately 160 people, from which you can receive all immaterial-legal services. Berggren developed a Topaasia® card game, which was used to engage the whole company in the strategy work.

Berggren is in the process of a strategy process that has gathered a lot of different background material. We made our Topaasia – game from that material and it allows all staff to discuss and contribute to strategy work and its priorities. Heikki Kinnunen, Berggren’s Business Director, talks about his experiences with Topaasia®.

“Particulary good was The involvement of staff and the functioning of the whole”

– Overall, the key thing was a new and very engaging way to get all the staff involved in the strategy work to reflect on the issues that affect how companies in this industry will succeed in the future. We got a pretty broad view of the different people’s thoughts in a timely manner. In my opinion, the result in a short period of time was very good and helps us to conceive the situation. I believe that when the strategy is done, it’s implementation will be smoother because people have been involved in thinking about these things, Heikki describes.

“An Inspiring and positive experience!”

– Playing was a great, really inspiring and positive experience. Everyone was thrilled with the it. You notice that the method worked well for working on this type of thing, Heikki recalls.

– I highly recommend it! I think whether it is a question of strategy work or of prioritizing different things in the organization, this method is useful. Of course, it requires that the creators of the game to be 100% involved. Concentrated functional and new concept. Today, when we talk a lot about the use of different electronic models, here is a very traditional and fun way to work together, Heikki sums up.

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