Topaasia – The serious game now also for decentralized teams and remote team members as a digital service

Would it be nice if a group could have an effective development session remotely?

Topaasia helps to have a structured, participatory and inspiring development session in an hour, the end result of which is concrete measures to improve the subject.

  • Facilitates the discussion of remote teams. The team can have the session itself or with a facilitator.

  • Helps you to focus on the essential conversation.

  • Involves in discussion and decision-making.

  • The game is suitable for 2-12 people and lasts about an hour.

  • The benefits of Topaasia are a shared understanding of the group through the discussion, as well as concrete decisions that will be formed through discussion.

Use Topaasia for:

  • Team Development Sessions

  • Retrospectives

  • Project meetings

  • Monthly meetings

  • Solving of a current problem that concerns whole team

  • Change situations

How does the Digital Topaasia® service work?

  1. You will get a link to the Digital Topaasia® table where you can play as a game leader and have your session.
  2. Players use digital hands to select a card (you can also take advantage of physical cards if you have them)
  3. The game leader adds the played cards to the digital table and shares her screen to other players.
  4. The game guides and schedules you through the session. You don’t need preparation or long tutorials beforehand.
  5. You will receive a summary of your session in the end by email.

Experiences of Digital Topaasia’s pilot customers

An excellent way of for having fruitful discussion. I would recommend to anyone who wants to get people in their organization to discuss with each other and bring their own ideas to the fore.

Santtu played with the sales team in Helsinki and Jyväskylä on the subject of “fruitful selling”. Watch the 5 minute interview, where Santtu tells about the experience and the benefits of playing.

Santtu Seppänen, Sales Director, Trustmary LTD

The game brings a structured way to engage in discussion and involve people effectively.

Jukka discussed a big information system project with a remote project team.

Jukka Puhakka, digitalization development Manager, Berggren LTD

We asked for feedback from 60 digital Topaasia pilot user on a scale 1-5:

Recommends Digital Topaasia
Benefit from the time spent
Ease of use
Willingness to participate in similar sessions in the future

Topaasia® SINGLE

  • 1 Game leader/month
  • Price when you buy for year 799 €

Topaasia® SMALL

  • 3 Game leaders/month
  • Price when you buy for a year 1990 €

Topaasia® MEDIUM

  • 5 Game leaders/month
  • Price when you buy for a year 2950 €

Topaasia® LARGE

  • 10 Game leaders/month
  • Price when you buy for a year 4950 €

Contents of Topaasia® tiers

ALL Topaasia® tiers include:

  • Unlimited amount of game sessions

  • Unlimited amount of attendees

  • All 12 Topaasia® packs in use

  • Deployment Guidance

  • Game leaders Support Material

  • Email summary for each session

  • Finnish and English-language user interfaces, as well as for pack versions.

Deployment & Support

ALL Topaasia® tiers are have:

The introduction to Topaasia® – digital service by Topaasia. We facilitate a virtual or physical one hour deployment guidance for game leaders.

All Topaasia services include a personal contact person who will help you get the full joy from your Topaasia® – service and game sessions.

The Digital Topaasia service is a web-based service that does not require to install a new system or register new user accounts. The service is safe and we can tell you more about the service’s security from request.

The service has a notice period of 1 month.

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