Executive Coaching – a game to help leaders address self-awareness, people leadership, growth and building trust.

The game has been made in collaboration with management coach Mikko Sorvari.

Leadership growth does not happen by chance. You have to have a goal in mind, how I grow, what I have to do to get to the next level. Even middle-aged people like me are still wondering what I’m going to do when I become an adult. When using the game as a coach, you have to be able to ask questions, be curious, be calm, discussion is important. It’s worth giving the coachee time if he or she happens to be quiet and refrain from thinking out loud or giving answers.”
-Mikko Sorvari, Game Content Developer

Read more about executive coaching in an interview with Mikko Sorvari

to focus your coaching conversation with leaders
-1-on-1 sparring
-Executive team coaching sessions

The themes of the deck:
Cross- Self-awareness
Diamonds – Leading people
Hearts – Growth
Spades – Building trust

Game content:
52 different statement cards to concretely build leadership growth
10 perspective cards
an hourglass
a rulebook
game case

The game is in English.

Pre-sale ends on 30 September, after which the game will cost €249 + VAT.
Decks will be ordered after the pre-sale ends and delivered during 10/22.