Conversation tool, that helps teams to have effective and participatory conversations

Have an participatory and exciting remote meeting, retrospective or workshop and come out of it with shared understanding and concrete acion plan.


  • Reliable and easy way for an effective remote meeting. Team can have the session by itself or with an facilitator.

  • Versatile – Use with teams or large groups or in 1-1 conversations

  • Involve people easily to conversation and decision-making

  • Focus on the subject of conversation with game’s structure and cards.

  • End results are a concrete action plan and shared understanding.

  • Session is documented automatically and players get the summary in email.

Themes to discuss about with Topaasia

Team development and Work community

Team development and Work community

  • Work community development
  • Work satisfaction survey discussions and putting into practice
  • Team retrospectives and development discussions

Leadership and Change

Leadership and Change

  • Advancing change
  • Putting strategy into practice
  • Leadership development



  • Project development and meetings
  • Retrospectives
  • Project practices development

Sales and marketing

Sales and marketing

  • Customer experience development
  • Clarifying communications

Use Topaasia in:

  • Team development discussions

  • Retrospectives

  • Project meetings

  • Monthly meetings

  • Solving current team or work community problems

  • Advancing change


Excellent way to achieve dialogue. I would recommend to everyone who want to get people in their organization talking to each other and bring their thought forward.

Santtu played with his sales team remotely about successful sales.

Santtu Seppänen, Sales director, Trustmary Finland Oy

Feedback from over 100 Topaasia users on scale 1-5:

Recommends Topaasia
Benefit concerning time used
Easy to use
Willingness to participate in similar sessions
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Topaasia® includes

  • Unlimited game sessions – Use as much as you want

  • Unlimited amount of participants – Play with as many participants as you want

  • All Topaasia® deck catalogs – Use in diversely in many different contexts and teams

  • Email game report from every session – Remember what was discussed about and decided

  • Languages english and finnish – Play with finnish and english colleagues 

  • Game leader playbook – Concrete support material

Introduction & support

Topaasia® introduction is guided by Topaasia. We’ll have and remote or physical “how-to-use” – session for your game leaders

You’ll have an personal contact person, who will help you get all the benefits out of Topaasia.

Topaasia is a web-based service. Service is secure and we can tell more about service’s security when requested.

Try Topaasia for 14 day trial period

Topaasia contents:

Topaasia – service includes many different Topaasia-decks, which let you to discuss a wide variety of topics. Below is a breakdown of what decks and topics Topaasia is good dealing with, and with whom decks have been made in collaboration with: